Dream Rooms: 14 Unreal-Feeling Art Gallery Transformations

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You might have to pinch yourself to ensure that you're still awake as you walk into surreal dreamscapes of billowing clouds, seemingly endless fields of stars and rooms that appear to bend and shift in physically impossible ways. These installations completely transform gallery spaces into strange new environments that feel disconnected from the waking world. See 15 more surreal art spaces.

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Afterglow: Luma Tower, Glasgow’s Shining Art Deco Icon

Rising from the trashes of vandalism and neglect, Glasgow's former Luma Light Bulb Factory has recaptured its Art Deco glory as the residential Luma Tower.

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Pixel Performers: Digital Projection Mapping on Live Dancers

Combining choreographed movement and projected abstractions, these works of performed art are visually stunning, creating effects and illusions far beyond the ...

Your Neighbor Darth Vader: Doorbells for Fictional Characters

Only particularly perceptive passersby would even notice that they’re standing outside the residences of Marty McFly, Luke Skywalker and the Teenage ...

Lost & Found: Underwater Ghost Town Resurfaces 30 Years Later

Like a corroded time capsule, this submerged village has risen from the depths after being flooded decades ago when the local lake broke its banks and left ...

Face Hacking: Transformations via 3D Projection Mapping

Actors gain access to thousands of different faces instantaneously as their facial topography is scanned and altered in real-time using 3D projection mapping. ...

Seaside Stunners: 14 Cliff-Clinging Houses with Crazy Views

Dangling precariously from cliffs, tumbling down hillsides or jutting out over the water, these beautiful seaside homes feature mirage-like rooftop infinity ...

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Made in China: World’s First 3D-Printed Apartment Complex

The same company known for printing 10 home in less than 24 hours is back with a new record-breaking construction project: a multistory apartment structure ...

Open Source Homes: 6 Free Plans Put High-End Design in Reach

Rendering luxury-class house designs accessible to the public is just part of the beauty of Paperhouses, an endeavor to raise the quality of free house plans ...

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No Life Support: 10 Abandoned Ambulance & EMS Stations

Silence the sirens and be careful out there... these abandoned, closed and condemned ambulance & EMS stations no longer respond to medical emergencies.