Archived Articles: November, 2007

Paint the Town: 3 More Strangely Legal Urban Street Artworks

Three more examples of strangely legal urban street art from artistic Japanese manhole covers and creatively painted American circuit boxes and Russian lamps.

Urban Adventure Playgrounds: Cool Places Too Few Kids Play

Where was your absolutely favorite place to play as a kid? Few manage to find something quite so exciting as these strange free-for-all platforms for fun.

Low-Seas Adventures: 6 Incredible Underwater Ocean Hotels

From the United States to the United Arab Emirates, from Sweden to the South Pacific, here are six hotels that are perfectly designed for the nautically ...

Link List: 10 Top Websites for Alternative Urban Photography

Urban photography doesn't have to mean perfectly framed parks and stoic skyscrapers. Some of the best urban photos feature wonderful abandonments.

Strangest Urban Animals: City Chickens to Thieving Monkeys

While you're unlikely to see El Chupacabra, the Jersey Devil or the Windigo in real life, you might be surprised by what animals are increasingly lurking in ...

Arts in Motion: Freeze-Frame Photos to Kinetic Sculpture

What could be stranger than a person twisted and frozen in time inches above a street? How about a wind-powered automaton bred to be the perfect perpetual ...

Creative Retro: 10 Steampunk Designs, Mods & Inventions

Consider this a crash-course introduction to the world of Steampunk, with everything from altered guitars to a Steampunked iPod and much more.

Guerilla for Good: 3 Subversive Projects to Save the Planet

Here are three examples of socially-motivated projects designed to make a difference in unusually creative ways and with strangely subversive messages.

7 Record-Setting Engineering Wonders of the Modern World

From Venice to Boston, Egypt to England, here are seven amazing engineering wonders of the modern world, including conceptual construction projects.

Painting the Town Green: 7 Works of Plant, Grass & Moss Art

Here are seven examples of green creativity that involve alternative uses of natural materials, including grass-covered cars and farm-field murals.

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