Archived Articles: December, 2007

Creative Sculpture: 3 Carving Art Out of Ordinary Objects

Here are three extraordinary approaches to carving used to create amazing art from ordinary (and often fragile) objects.

Shopdropping aka Droplifting: Guide to Reverse Shoplifting

Shopdropping was probably the last kind of giving on most people's minds as they shopped during the holiday season.

Small & Surreal: 3 of the Most Strange Little Micronations

Have you ever wanted to rule your very own country? Some people have actually managed to make it work, though their histories can be strange and amazing.

The Graffiti Report Card: Controversial Street Art Critique

The subject of graffiti often brings out strongly polarized reactions from urban dwellers, who either support it as art or criticize it as vandalism.

Pipes to Capsules: 7 of the Smallest Hotels & Hotel Rooms

You can judge which one is the actual winner of this dubious award after taking a look at this incredible collection of the tiniest hotels in the world!

Abandoned America: 7 More Deserted Wonders of the World

Ever see an impressive derelict structure and wonder just how a building so elegant, sizable or centrally located could be abandoned?

Street Art in San Francisco: History & Culture of Graffiti

San Francisco has a rich history and culture that spans a diverse set of groups time periods - here is a brief pictorial tour of its progress and evolution.

The Ultimate Urban Camouflage Collection: 10 Strange Examples from Coke Suits to Camo Cars

Here is a selection of ideal urban camouflage perfect for blending into the city scenery and traveling around town unseen while exploring amazing urban ...

8 Great Green Roofs: Brief History of Eco-Roofing Systems

As impressive as those were, however, some modern examples have begun to rival them in terms of complexity, ingenuity and (of course) sustainability.

Accidental Artwork: Subconscious Works of Graffiti Removal

Most would argue that graffiti removal is at best the elimination of vandalism or at worst the destruction of art, right?

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