Archived Articles: April, 2008

Hidden Gems: 7 (More!) Underground Wonders of the World

From seed vault to military hideouts and diamond mines to nuclear waste dumps, here are seven more underground wonders of the world.

Brilliant Bookcases: 20 Best Bookshelf & Bookcase Designs

If you or a book-lover you know are stuck on how to redecorate your urban dwelling and store your favorite volumes here are twenty unusually clever shelving ...

True Costs: The Making of 5 Modern Marvels of Engineering

Each of the five projects listed here took their toll financially and were paid for in part with human lives.

Arbosculpture to Overgrowth: 25 Seriously Twisted Trees

From tree furniture designs to unchecked acts of nature here are 25 examples of the amazing malleability of trees.

Creatively Converted Army & Navy Sea Forts of Great Britain

Since being decommissioned, many of these have gained strange second lives as everything from luxury resorts and private retreats to micronations and pirate ...

Building Jumpers: 10 Extreme Parkour & Free Running Videos

These videos feature some of the more raw and original free runners who made this extreme urban sport what it is today.

7 (More!) Abandoned Wonders of the Former Soviet Union

The former Soviet Union has a complicated history that is told in part through some of its deserted infrastructure, from submarine bases to missile silos and ...

8 Remarkable Palace, Fort & Castle Hotels Around the World

Imagine curling up in front of an 800 year old fireplace where a king once rested (or was arrested!). Sleep well in your own piece of world history.

Crafty! 3 (More) Kinds of Unusual Art from Ordinary Objects

Any artist knows, a new material can mean new aesthetic possibilities and unique material-dependent expressions, even if that material is an everyday one.

Cult Classics: 5 Infamous Abandonments in Famous Movies

Have you ever wondered what really happened to that mall in The Blues Brothers or where Tarkovsky filmed those jarring and surrealistic scenes in Stalker?

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