Archived Articles: October, 2010

The Hills Have Eyes: Joshua Tree’s Spook-tacular Skull Rock

Skull Rock: this naturally formed, supernatural looking rock formation stares across an otherworldly landscape of tumbling tumbleweeds and twisted Joshua trees.

Betaville: Crowdsourcing Urban Design with Online Gaming

An unprecedented program called 'Betaville' calls for open input on urban planning through an interactive 3D virtual environment reminiscent of The Sims.

DIY Digital Design: 10 Tools to Model Dream Homes & Rooms

Daydreaming about changing your living room layout, or just want to design a fantasy home a la 'The Sims'? Check out these 10 (mostly free) online design tools.

Lisa Black Animal Hacks: Gear-Turning Steampunk Taxidermy

Lisa Black has macabre subject matter... she loves to take taxidermy to a disturbing new level that transforms animals into half animal / half machine hybrids.

Politics of Photoshop: 15 Shady Edits for Political Purposes

Photo manipulation is not a strictly modern affliction: people have been editing images to change history and sway voters since the invention of photography.

Steampunk Styling: Victorian Retrofuturism at Home

With holiday decor season coming up, why not skip the normal bells and whistles and go for vintage and retro ones instead?

Fauxtoshop: 15 Phenomenal Forced-Perspective Photos

Fancy computer programs aren't always necessary to produce incredible illusions in photography - sometimes all you need is forced perspective.

Legend Of A Mind: Psychedelic Celebration of Timothy Leary

Legendary psychedelic pop culture populist Dr. Timothy Leary would have been 90 years old this year. Come take a trip aboard Timothy Leary's astral plane.

Spicy Fleshy Wonderland: Installation by Ernesto Neto

It smells like citrus and cloves, looks like parts of human anatomy and invites you in like a womb: Ernesto Neto's 'Anthropodino' is a feast for the senses.

Architecture Icon: Steven Holl’s Award-Winning Designs

Architect Steven Holl designs forward-thinking, sustainable structures that are carefully tailored to their surroundings.

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