Colorspace Atlas: Rainbow Book Features Full RGB Range
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For a little light reading, or dark, depending on the page: imagine all the colors of the rainbow – including those we rarely see, and minute shades in between – packed into an 8-by-8-by-8 cube you can hold in your hand, and flip through on demand.

Tauba Auerbach is an American artist  with a story to tell without words or even what we normally think of as illustrations. The result is a reference volume of a sort to designers, maps of possible choices for painters, or for some, perhaps, just a page-based piece of inspiration.

The beauty in this wordless books extends beyond the page, bleeding to the edge of each but also beyond to the airbrushed cloth covers both front and back. We are used to seeing such brilliant gradients on our computer screens, but there is simply something different about the analogous real-world experience.

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