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Sometimes it is simply good to get away and go someplace new, but traveling there directly is not always possible. WebUrbanist brings some of the most exotic travel destinations and incredible private islands, luxury resorts but also the most remote, uninhabited and abandoned islands and locations on the planet - some of these you may explore in person some day but some you may never seen or hear from again.

NYC Secrets: 10 Hidden Sights in The City That Never Sleeps

Even if you’re sick of the surface-level, tourist-friendly version of New York City, there are still many sights to be seen, including fun little secret ...

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Chinese Skywalk: World’s Longest Glass Bridge Spans Two Cliffs

If you thought Twin Peaks was suspenseful, test your mettle on the new glass-bottomed Brave Man’s Bridge connecting two cliffs in the Hunan province of ...

RV There Yet? Abandoned Trailers Of The Salton Sea Shore

California's Salton Sea was once a sparkling desert oasis, attracting vacationers in mobile homes and RVs. The people have gone but their trailers remain.

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Subterranean Secrets: The Mystery of Liverpool’s Tunnels

Starting in the basement of a home owned by a wealthy philanthropist in the 1700s, a network of tunnels descends into the earth beneath the city of Liverpool, ...

Wall on Wheels: Sliding Facade Swaps Indoor for Outdoor Space

Tucked into an historic winding Hutong of Beijing, this work of convertible architecture featuring a modular moving wall to make maximum use of flexible ...

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Strange Sights of France: 12 Offbeat Travel Destinations

You haven’t really seen France if you’ve never toured a mansion made of pebbles, taken a ride on a gigantic animatronic elephant, checked out Nazi ...

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Miniature Museum: Scaled Scenes with Jaw-Dropping Details

Before special effects went digital with CGI, part of the magic of movie making included artists laboring over tiny scaled-down sets, creating little worlds ...

Soviet Bus Stops: Surreal Architectural Roadside Wonders

Standing stark against silent desert backdrops like sculptures made for Burning Man, these leftover Soviet structures are actually bus stops scattered ...

Sweet Transit: Japan’s Cute Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops

Originally built for a 1990 travel expo, these fruit-shaped bus stops from southern Japan still look as tasteful (and tasty!) as they did 25 years ago.

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Home-Free Living: German Woman Trades in Rent for Train Ticket

Reasoning that a full-time train pass costs less than an apartment, a 23-year-old German writer and student has exchanged her life in a fixed location for one ...

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