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Whether you want to travel the world in luxury and style or take steps and streets off of the beaten bath, there is sure to be a unique, offbeat and amazing hostel, hotel or resort in this section to suit your desires. From spacious urban retreats to cozy remote treehouses:

Water Bed: Tow an Amphibious Mobile Shelter Behind Your Bike

Combining the cheap convenience of a hostel with the outdoor access of a tent, this wheeled micro-dwelling can be carted behind a bicycle then lowered into the ...

Suckers! Japan’s Ubiquitous Octopus Playground Slides

Weird anthropomorphic, gaudily painted concrete octopus slides lurk within hundreds of Japanese playgrounds, silently traumatizing generations of kids.

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Hobart Rivulet: Doll Heads Adorn Pillars in Tasmanian Tunnels

Below the streets of Hobart, Tasmania’s capital and most populated city, lie a network of centuries-old runoff tunnels that are slowly being turned into ...

Unknown NYC: 12 Hidden Sights in America’s Cultural Hub

The hordes of tourists glomming onto New York City’s most famous sights likely won’t notice the wild acid-green parakeets of Brooklyn, the strange ...

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Sick Transit: 10 of The World’s Germiest Tourist Attractions

Caught the travel bug? Visit the world's 10 filthiest, germiest tourist attractions and you could catch much, much more than you bargained for!

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Fortified Farms: In the Svanti Mountains Every Home is a Castle

Facing threats from all sides, the Svans of Georgia became highland gatekeepers of their mountain passes, each distributed dwelling turned into a ...

The Language of Death: 15 Gravestone Symbols Explained

The symbols carved into stones commemorating the dead can reveal a lot about the deceased’s beliefs and philosophies, or at least those attributed to them by ...

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Bibliophile’s Dream: 13 of the World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores

Bibliophiles can browse books inside a 19th-century theater filled with frescoes, a converted cathedral, a subterranean space with sci-fi vibes or an ...

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Holloway Roads: Tunnels Eroded by Passage of People Over Time

Holloways (or: hollow ways) are desire paths gone wild, reflecting centuries or even millennia of informal use, slowly transforming them from flat paths to ...

Crash Pads: Sleeper Vans Let You Stay in NYC for $20 a Night

Hotel rooms in Manhattan cost hundreds and even a cheap hostel-style hotel with partition walls in the Bowery runs nearly $100 per night, but starting around ...

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