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Underwater Wonders: 15 Subversively Submersible Gatherings

Sword swallowing, pumpkin carving, cycling and meals encased in jelly (so they don't disintegrate) are just a few of the weirdest events ever held underwater.

Pigs in a Box: Bizarre Balloon Animal Interior

The Los Angeles Design Group envisions an interactive, at times uncomfortably close experience with voluptuous balloon animals in a retail clothing store.

Hair Today: Turkey’s Bizarre Subterranean Hair Museum

Cappadocia's cave homes have made it famous, but there is another, less well-known attraction there: a weird museum with 16,000 samples of human hair.

12 Fun & Funky France Hotels, from Paris to Bordeaux

Fresh, creative and sometimes strange, these 12 hotels in France - including a hamster-themed getaway with a working man-sized wheel - are fun and unexpected.

Fresh Blends: 12 Cool Multi-Functional Coffee Shops

Multi-purpose 'combo' coffee shops combine a beverage bar with other services like washing clothes, printing documents or getting a pedicure from a tank of ...

Unique Boutique: 13 of Japan’s Most Strangely Stylish Hotels

Whether you're looking to rent a bizarrely themed room by the hour or enjoy a relaxing stay at a traditional ryokan, Japan's got an eye-popping hotel for you.

Don’t Call it Knitting: Olek’s Crazy Crocheted World

If you see a man in a crocheted ski mask running down the street, don't worry: it's not a bank robber, it's just one of Olek's performance artists.

Haute Hospitality: 20 (More) Awesomely Artsy Hotel Rooms

These 20 hotel rooms at 6 art hotels around the world are anything but ordinary, from a bloody hospital suite in South Africa to a giant typewriter in ...

Strange Skyscrapers: 14 of the World’s Weirdest Towers

From Bangkok's elephant building and robot tower to an all-wooden skyscraper built by a single man, these 14 towering structures are among the world's ...

Mad Marketing: 15 Crazy & Controversial Advertisements

Some ads grab our attention because they're clever and unusual. Others do it with bizarre, stomach-turning imagery. Which ones are actually effective?

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