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Intelligent Interstates: 5 High-Tech ‘Smart Highway’ Systems

Color-changing and glow-in-the-dark paint, mini windmill-powered lights, a lane that charges your car for you magnetically while you drive and more.

Clear Sailing: Cleverly Transparent Canoes & Kayaks

These clear canoes and transparent kayaks give water travelers a whole new perspective on the hidden underwater world beneath them.

21 Retro Travel Posters Feature Fantasy & Sci-Fi Destinations

Created to look like vintage travel posters from Star Wars, Doctor Who and more, these faux advertisements give a new spin to science-fictional and other ...

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Shops Pop Up Around Basement Windows in Urban Sofia

After the fall of communism, entrepreneurs in Sofia, Bulgaria, beat high storefront rents by opening tiny convenience stores around basement windows.

Clock Watching: 15 Amazing Movie & TV Time Machines

These 15 memorable variations on H. G. Wells' antique Brass Age time machine chauffeured stars of stage and screen through thrilling sci-fi adventures.

Star Wars IV Survives: Real Life Tatooine Located in Tunisia

Yes, you can spend the night in Luke Skywalker's home, see the hermit habitat of Obi-Wan Kenobi up close, and view other remnants of the original Star Wars ...

Material Worlds: All Their Possessions in Just One Picture

After a recent look at urban Europeans posing with all they own, this potent look at rural Asian families and their worldly possessions is nothing if not a ...

Bon Appetit: 14 Bizarre Foods That Will Make You Squirm

Most countries have their own quirky delicacies and by American standards, they can appear ghoulish. These are the most bizarre foods out there.

Games Off: Artistic Echoes of the Lost Olympic Games

The nostalgic glimpses of alternative Olympic history presented here were designed to glorify Mankind's competitive spirit in a utopian world untainted by war.

What the Phonics? Device Pronounces Street Names

An interactive project called 'What the Phonics' installs speakers at Copenhagen intersections, demonstrating how to pronounce difficult street names.

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