Dialed In: 15 Cool & Quirky Radio Design Concepts


MintRadio Jongchul Kim pendulums(images via: Apartment Therapy and I New Idea)

The MintRadio was designed by Jongchul Kim, who’s come up with a truly unorthodox method of function control – you may have seen something like it on dozens of Eighties-vintage executive office desks. Buttons, knobs or dials? Meh – Kim’s gone with a quartet of chromed pendulums which hang down from inside the lower area of the radio case’s interior. Cue the “what knockers!” line. Once you get past (and get the hang of) the pendulums, enjoy the sound emanating from the MintRadio’s stereo horn speakers and the almost eerie sight of the floodlit LED tuner display.

Ceramic Radio

Ceramic Radio Studio LAMA(images via: Dezeen)

The Decorative Ceramic Kitchen FM Radio from Israel’s Studio LAMA features an organically-styled ceramic body accented with wood dials and trim. Customers can order their radio custom-glazed in a variety of colors and patterns to complement their existing kitchen decor scheme. You could hide a scrubbing sponge in the speaker hole but it’s not recommended.

MUJI Splash Proof M-RP-SP1 Bath Radio

MUJI Shower Radio(image via: Industrial Facility)

When Japan’s MUJI decided their ultra-generic, back-to-basic bath accessories series needed a radio added, they looked to the UK’s Industrial Facility. When users look for their MUJI Splash Proof M-RP-SP1 Bath Radio with soap-blurred eyes, they could have trouble discerning it from the circa-2003 MUJI refillable bodywash bottle it was designed to ape – the radio’s speaker neatly approximates the size of the bottle’s sticker. The radio’s ON/OFF and volume controls are found on the top while channel selections are adjusted on the case’s bottom.

Fexio Solar FM Radio

Fexio Solar FM Radio(images via: Likecool)

Life is like a box of radio… but when it comes to the Fexio Solar FM Radio, you DO know what you’re gonna get. This very cool concept by Wu Kun-chia, Wang Shih-ju, Chen Ming-daw and Liou Chang-ho features four portable, solar-powered, paper-packaged radios, each of which only receives one fixed FM channel from one certain city. On one side there’s a speaker; the other side is a solar cell. Simply remove the “station” desired from your wallet or purse and you’re good to go!