Ding Dong! A Dozen Delightfully Daffy Doorbell Designs

Succulent Ceramic Doorbell

Hot House Pottery ceramic succulent doorbells(images via: Hot House Pottery)

Etsy seller Hot House Pottery has got some Delicious Doorbells for you but don’t eat ’em… these faux succulents are made from glazed ceramic. Owner and craftsperson-in-chief Ann Gorbitz lives in the Sonoran Desert and her lifelike doorbells perfectly complement any southwestern exterior decor theme. We bet they’d look great in cactus.


EnterBell doorbell concept(image via: Ubergizmo)

There’s that man Li Jianye again, making us stop and think before we mindlessly push the button. With the EnterBell concept, Li plays the Obvious card while referencing something we see so often it barely registers in our collective consciousness. Now if Li REALLY wanted us to pause before pushing, he’d ditch ENTER and sub in BACKSPACE…. or even better, DELETE.

Lion’s Head Doorbell

Signature Hardware lion's head brass doorbells(images via: Signature Hardware)

If there’s a polar opposite to the Deer Butt Doorbell it would have to be the sleek, sophisticated, solid brass Lion’s Head Doorbell from Signature Hardware. Available in classy finishes including Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Satin Nickel, this no-nonsense King Of The Beeps is the obvious choice of one-percenters everywhere. If you want the tone to be a huge Chinese gong, the Titanic’s fog horn or the roaring MGM lion, though, you’re on your own.