Ding Dong! A Dozen Delightfully Daffy Doorbell Designs

Dogbert Electronic Talking Cubicle Doorbell

Dilbert  Dogbert cubicle doorbell(image via: Nerd Approved)

Impressing the neighborhood hoi-polloi with your Lion’s Head Doorbell? Around 20 bucks. Annoying your fellow cubicle denizens at work? Priceless! Well, not quite but a bargain at $7.95 from the nice people at Bytes ‘n Grins. According to the copy at the company’s rather ’90s-esque website, “Dogbert is your Cubicle guardian. His nose is the button. He announces ‘Ding Dong’, ‘leave me alone’, ‘go away’.” That’s gold, Jerry, gold!

Call Of Cthulhu Doorbell

Cthulhu octopus steampunk bronze doorbell (images via: House of Sloth and World At Play Games)

DING DONG… “Who’s there?” “Cthulhu, I mean, Avon!” “Oh R’lyeh?” Etsy seller House of Sloth offers a peacefully oblivious world this frighteningly fine work of Lovecraftsmanship. Handmade from bronze, polyurethane and resin, “The Tentacle Series: Steampunk Bronze Octopus Doorbell Plate” is available at the bargain price of just $15. Who dares to awaken the Great Old Ones early on a weekend morning, before they have eaten?

Door Bell With Birth Sound

Door Bell With Birth Sound China Engrish(images via: Cheezburger.com and Crafts)

Wait, what? Ningbo Taile Industry Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang, China makes these doorbells for Flores High Quality Tools of Romania and that may explain things a little. The full-color sticker on the model TL-301 AC 220v Door Bell reads “DOOR BELL BIRTH SOUND” and “SONERIE CANAR”; evidently some sort of canary. What does a SONERIE CANAR sound like when it’s giving birth? Buy this doorbell and find out!

Clouseau Pink Panther doorbell scene(images via: The Return Of The Pink Panther)

Most of us rarely give our doorbells a second thought, being one of the most foolproof of all mod cons. Yep, it would take a fool of cosmic proportions to seriously screw-up a doorbell… and we know just the fool to do it: a certain telephone repairman from the Nice Telephone Company. Enjoy the disguised Inspector Clouseau in action here (short version) and here (longer version), even if you don’t have a problem with your phuun.