Ding Dong! A Dozen Delightfully Daffy Doorbell Designs


Pianobell doorbell Mugatu(images via: Roomie, Teerater and NY Post)

“I play therefore I am… on your doorstep.” Jacobim Mugatu may have invented the piano key necktie but Chinese designer Li Jianye has done him one better with his Pianobell, a 5-keyed piano key doorbell concept that encourages visitors to tickle the ivories while they wait to be greeted. If this is the greatest doorbell ever, we must be taking crazy pills.


DOORMAT-E piezoelectric doorbell (images via: Coroflot)

Not only does DOORMAT-E save energy, it indirectly keeps your home’s interior clean as well. The brainchild of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based industrial designer João Paulo Lammoglia, DOORMAT-E takes the act of pressing the doorbell to a new, lower level. The recycled PET and durable ABS plastic DOORMAT-E requires patrons to wipe their feet on the mat. A piezoelectric energy harvester located beneath stores the kinetic energy created and uses it to power the doorbell – which is activated by the visitor’s foot. Unfortunately one can’t “reverse the charges” when unwanted guests arrive.

DoorBot Wi-Fi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell

DoorBot Wi-Fi smartphone doorbell(images via: Christie Street)

Edison Junior’s DoorBot is a battery-operated Wi-Fi video doorbell that wirelessly connects to the owner’s smartphone an/or tablet. Behind its weather-resistant brushed aluminum faceplate lurks an infrared camera designed for all lighting conditions, plus compact Wi-Fi hardware and space for four AA size batteries. The basic DoorBot costs $189 but the deluxe $339 version with “Lockitron” allows the user to lock and/or unlock their door from anywhere in the world once they’ve installed the DoorBot app on their smartphone.