Will That Fly? 17 Imaginary Vehicle & Aircraft Concepts

Strider by Nik Yeliseyev

Imaginary Vehicles Strider

The movement captured in this concept by Nik Yeliseyev lends it even more authenticity.

TWS-Vanquish by Oxygino

Imaginary Vehicles Vanquish

Artist Oxygino created ‘Vanquish,‘ “an unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Trident World Systems.”

Army Surplus 6 by Oxygino

Imaginary Vehicles Army Surplus 6

This Frankenstein vehicle by Oxygino is made up of surplus Army parts.

D.S.E. Delta04 by Markus Vogt

Imaginary Vehicles DSE Delta

The D.S.E. Delta04 by Markus Vogt was featured in an issue of the UK magazine ‘Advanced Photoshop.’

DSS Diplomatic Mission by Alex Wild

Imaginary Vehicles Diplomatic Mission

Alex Wild writes that, if he were to create some kind of back story for this and other sci-fi illustrations, they’d be made up on the fly, much in the same way he creates his illustrations. So maybe you should make one up yourself.