Multi-Building Murals: Repainting a 100-Home Neighborhood

mural project panorama

mural specific examples details

More on the history of their endeavors from the current Kickstarter crowdfunding page: “Between 2005 and now, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro have provided the inspiration and locations for several public artworks that we painted together with local community members. Each new project being larger than the last, we now we aim to realize our ultimate dream; to plaster and paint an entire hillside favela. With your help we will return to Rio to create this community artwork of unprecedented scale: A monument that will radiate the pride and energy of the people who live in a community that they built with their own hands.”

mural scaffolding painters process

murals street level

mural proposed urban intervention

And, finally, a bit more about how the money is to be used: “In order to realize this dream, every donation counts: 1 dollar could buy us a brush, 100 dollars pays for 10 gallons of paint. 1000 dollars employs a painter for a full month, including insurance, uniform and lunch. Our minimum goal of $100.000 will enable us to start. We will return to Rio to set up our headquarters and production team, train local youth and get enough materials to start painting and get the Favela Painting project on it’s way.”