Park(ing) Day 2014: Citizens Reclaim the Streets for Fun

Quito, Ecuador
Parking Day Quito

Parking Day Quito 2

Parking Day Quito 4

Some participants in Quito decided to camp out, literally, erecting tents and hauling out the BBQ grills.

Dallas, Texas
Parking Day Dallas 3

Parking Day Dallas 4

Parking Day Dallas 1

Dallas saw musical performances, oversized LEGO benches and a temporary bike lane.

Parking Day Singapore 1

Parking Day Singapore 2

Haircuts were given and swings were enjoyed in Singapore.

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Parking Day Chattanooga 1

Full-sized pianos were among the main attractions at Park(ing) Day Chattanooga, along with lots of comfy hammocks and couches so passersby could stop and listen to the music.