Park(ing) Day 2014: Citizens Reclaim the Streets for Fun

Copenhagen, Denmark
Parking Day Copenhagen 1

Parking Day Copenhagen 2

Pallets were put to use in Copenhagen for benches, tables and planters in the city’s temporary parks.

Phoenix, Arizona
Parking Day Phoenix 1

Parking Day Phoenix 2

Phoenix residents played Twister and did a little bit of work al fresco.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Parking Day Philadelphia 1

Parking Day Philadelphia 2

Philadelphians made loungers and decks out of pallets and created fun play spots for kids.

IKEA Participates, Too
Parking Day IKEA

Given the ubiquity of IKEA furniture at Park(ing) Day events around the world, it’s no surprise that the Swedish home goods retailer paid homage to the international campaign in their 2014 catalog.