Lost Soles: 10 Abandoned & De-Feeted Shoe Repair Stores

abandoned shoe repair Springfield Ohio

Flickr user Darren Snow (plasticfootball) captured the above derelict shoe repair store back in June of 1996 – sadly, the magnificent boot-shaped building has since been demolished. If you were wondering about the dog in the foreground (admit it, you were), Snow states “the dog in the photo had just finished fighting a woodchuck. He seems pretty pleased with himself. The woodchuck survived, but with undiagnosed injuries.” Inquiring minds want to know… can it still chuck wood?

Watch This Space

Shoe & Watch Repair Cortelyou Brooklyn 1

Shoe & Watch Repair Cortelyou Brooklyn 2

Shoe & Watch Repair Cortelyou Brooklyn 3

“You can always rely on a shoe repair business for some good, handpainted signs,” states the author of the One More Folded Sunset blog. This shop in Cortelyou (Brooklyn) off Coney Island Avenue combines watch repair and shoe repair services under a single corrugated sheet steel roof. Cool, but what are the odds of your watch and your shoes both needing repairs at the same, er, time?

Shoe-renity Now!

Costanza's Shoe Repair

If a George divided against himself cannot stand, what can we say about Costanza’s Shoe Repair in Aliquippa, PA that hasn’t already been said? Now try to imagine this particular Mom & Pop store staffed by the dynamic team of Frank & Estelle Costanza… customer service redefined!