Inflatable Installations: 18 Fun Projects Full of Hot Air

Comfort Series by Lang/Baumann

inflatable comfort series 3

inflatable comfort series 2

inflatable comfort series 1

Transparent bubbles burst out the upper-level windows of buildings in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris as artist duo Lang/Baumann take their ‘Comfort Series’ on the road. The inflatable architectural interventions sometimes fill entire interior spaces with long tubes of air while others simply bridge the space between indoors and out, looking as if they could pop at any moment.

Lifeboat Installation by Plastique Fantastique

inflatble lifeboat installation 1

inflatable lifeboat installation 2

Known for installations involving inflatables, design firm Plastique Fantastique ‘crash-landed’ an oversized, inhabitable lifeboat on the tarmac of Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. Based on chapter five of Homer’s Odyssey, the installation draws visitors inside to experience a multimedia presentation on the lives of refugees.

Cloud Observatories as Rooftop Cooling Devices

inflatable cloud observatories

inflatable cloud observatories 2

Inflatable cloud-like pods hover over a rooftop in Milan to provide shade cheaply and creatively, making a design statement and still allowing sunlight and breezes to reach the people lounging below. Designer Carolina González Vives developed the lightweight structures as an inexpensive alternative to air conditioning.