Cut It Art! Paper Cut-Outs Cut Landmarks Down To Size

Instagrammer transforms famous landmarks using paper cut-outs


Chalk it up to the power and perniciousness of social media if you will: the rising popularity of “@paperboyo” brought him to the attention of Lonely Planet (“the world’s largest travel guide publisher“), who figured McCor’s paper cut-out photos would add a new dimension to the company’s photographic portfolio.



Before long, McCor found himself strolling through Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and other great European cities. Camera and cut-outs in hand, he found a wealth of material just waiting for a new and unlikely interpretation.




What’s next for @paperboyo? According to McCor’s Instagram site, his next trip will take him to Malta, a storied isle set jewel-like in the western Mediterranean Sea. The exotic locale likely indicates McCor and Lonely Planet have set their sights on the wide world beyond the European mainland. Some advice for McCor… don’t run with scissors… flying, on the other hand, is all right in our books!