Radical Aquatic Recreation: 10 Extreme Designs for Water Sports

ZR Hoverboard
water sports ZR hoverboard

water sports hoverboard 2

water sports hoverboard 3

water sports hoverboard 4

Coming to us from the same company that designed the FlyBoard, the ZR Hoverboard is similar to the JetSurf, but more compact, with a design that more closely resembles a snowboard. A long hose pipe jets water out of the back to propel the board forward. Buy a new one for under $6,000 or transform an older Flyboard with a $2.7K adapter kit.

water sports aquaskipper

water sports aquaskipper 2

water sports aquaskipper 3

water sports aquaskipper 4

The human-powered hydrofoil known as the AquaSkipper is pretty dorky looking, in and out of the water. You have to hop on with just the right amount of force and at just the right angle to glide on the water instead of simply sinking, but once you get the hang of it, you can keep yourself above the surface for several minutes at a time. It relies heavily on your own physical fitness as well as a muscle-like spring that maintains tension in the device. It looks fun, but also sort of like the equivalent of a water-based Segway in terms of cool factor.

Hydro Zorbing
water sports hydro zorbing

water sports hydro zorbing 2


water sports hydro zorbing 4

Zorbing is the sport of rolling down a hill or floating on water inside a transparent plastic orb so you can ‘walk on water.’ You can either bounce around freely inside like you’re in a hamster ball or get strapped into a harness, which seems like a good way to lose your lunch. The term ‘hydro zorbing’ can also apply to rolling down a hill inside one of these spheres – with some water added, so you get thoroughly soaked in the process. The sport is particularly popular in the UK, with zorbing fields sometimes set up outside pubs and clubs.