Art of Typography: 13 Text-Based Designs Spell It All Out

Sculptural Candy Alphabet by Massimo Gammacurta

You’d literally eat your words if you could get your hands on the candy alphabet created by Italian artist Massimo Gammacurta. There’s something extra-expressive about the way the sugar stretched out to deform the individual letters.

Adidas Gym Graphics by Buro Uebele

Towering numbers and letters cover virtually every surface of the new Adidas gym at the firm’s office in Germany, spelling out inspirational messages or cryptic references to sports events, like the ’54’ referring to the year of Germany’s most famous World Cup win. ‘Signage systems can be among the most complex communication design projects,’ says Andreas Uebele, who worked on the project with his signage firm Buro Uebele. “You have the opportunity to work with architects, artists, interior designers and many other disciplines. With every project you will find new circumstances, architecture, landscapes and the field of activity of the company you are working for will be different every time.”

Universal Handwriting Typeface by BIC

What do you get when you take the average of hundreds of thousands of handwriting samples and transform them into a typeface? BIC asked the public to contribute their handwriting to the Universal Typeface Experiment, and offered up the results as a font. But perhaps more interesting are the individual breakdowns examining the differences in handwriting by age group, field of work and nationality.

Honey-Dipper Typeface by Franc Navarro and Alberto Martinez

Created for a class assignment requiring the use of liquids and very little post-production, this experimental project by Franc Navarro and Alberto Martinez of IED Barcelona cuts letters from thin wooden sheets, assembles them into 3D forms, and then turns each one into a honey dipper.