Modern Homes for Mermaids: 12 Houses Built Around Swimming Pools

St. Leon 10 Residence by SAOTA

This Cape Town, South Africa home by SAOTA features an infinity-edge pool that not only continues into the home’s interior in the form of a reflecting pool, but also features a transparent wall for an aquarium-like effect in the sunken lounge adjacent to it.

Willow House by Guz Architects

Guz Architects are known for creating spectacular tropical oases throughout Singapore and the Southern Pacific, each of their homes dripping with multiple levels of gardens, courtyards and swimming pools that often merge into ponds and other water features. In the case of Willow House, the pool peers into the lower levels of the home.

Jellyfish House by Wiel Arets Architecture

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Jellyfish House by Wiel Arets Architecture features an incredible cantilevered pool that stretches out from the roof to take in views of the sea that would otherwise be blocked by neighboring houses. The living room terrace is placed beneath it to take advantage of both shade and the views through the pool’s glass bottom.

Summer Home by Serrano + Baquero

The young couple who commissioned Serrano + Baquero to create their summer home in Southern Spain wanted a large pool to to be the main focus around which the entire home was built. Instead of a home containing a pool, the result is basically a pool containing a home, wrapping around its exterior edges as well as taking up a large percentage of the center.