Houses to Human Hearts: 13 Recent Breakthroughs in 3D-Printed Designs

Concrete Bicycle Bridge

The world’s first 3D-printed bicycle bridge is complete at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in collaboration with construction group BAM infrastructure. Building a bridge this way uses far less concrete than conventional techniques requiring a mold, and the printer can make it in any desired shape without wooden molding frames. The bridge is ‘pre-stressed’ so no tensile stress can damage the concrete after it’s installed. The bridge is scheduled to be placed on a road in the village of Gemert in the Netherlands.

3D-Printed Honda CB500 Motorcycle

Artist Jonathan Brand always wanted his own motorcycle, but never managed to get his hands on his dream bike, the Honda CB500. So, he just 3D-printed himself a copy instead, made of translucent plastic. While it’s not going to get him very far, it’s an intriguing look at how we might be able to simply print whatever we want when 3D printers are more accessible (and brings up some interesting questions about intellectual property and copyright.)

DFAB House

Another project by ETH Zurich, the DFAB House was built by a construction robot that moves autonomously on caterpillar tracks to fabricate a steel wire mesh that acts as formwork and reinforcement for concrete. The 3-story building’s ceiling slab is manufactured using a large-scale 3D sand printer. It’s expected to be complete by summer 2018.

Fully Functional 3D Printed Camera

Student Paul Kohlhaussen wanted to shoot larger negatives than standard media format, but the cameras that would make it possible were far out of reach, easily costing $5,000 or more. His solution? Creating a fully functional 3D printed camera, eve with no prior experience with CAD software. His design takes the best qualities from several high-end cameras and combines them into one, which he calls the ‘Cycloptic Mustard Monster.’