Architects Broke a Sweat Designing These 13 Striking Gyms & Fitness Facilities

30 Park Place Luxury Fitness Center in New York City

The five-star amenities at Tribeca’s 30 Park Place include a fitness center full of the best equipment money can buy along with a glassed-in yoga studio and a pool accented by silvery marble. The oversized windows and New York City skyline really make this one.

Vy Gym in Amman, Jordan by Symbiosis Designs LTD

The Vy Gym in Amman, Jordan by Symbiosis Designs is “the largest, most comprehensive and most progressive sport facility in the Middle East,” according to the architects. The sizable building is packed full of workout studios, a semi Olympic pool and flying running track, climbing walls, a spa and beauty center, restaurant, juice bar, retail shops and the impressive main gym hall with multiple mezzanines looking down onto the ground floor.

CLUB XII Health & Fitness Center in Madrid by i! Arquitectura

Leagues from the typical sweaty gym in a concrete box, CLUB XII in Madrid by I! Arquitectura transforms a former bank building into a rather elegant fitness center full of design details taken from gastro pubs and nightclubs. The idea is to relieve some of the pressure of working out, encouraging users to feel comfortable and go at their own pace.

World’s Largest Bouldering Gym, Austin Texas by DJA Architects + Lilianne Steckel

It looks like DJA Architects and interior designer Lillian Steckel had a lot of fun designing what is officially the world’s largest bouldering gym in Austin, a 50,000-square-foot facility known as the Austin Bouldering Project. It boasts 23,000 square feet of climbing surface in 250 different configurations that are rotated every seven weeks.