Eye Powered: 12 Artistic German Transformer Stations

From shock and awe to pastoral bliss, Beethoven-style, comes this cute country cottage – or is it? It’s not, of course, and you sure wouldn’t want to live there. Flickr member Patrick snapped this sun-dappled faux bungalow from Kiekemal, Berlin in April of 2014. The painted garden hose (including shadow) “hanging” on the wall is a nice touch.

Street Art Unplugged

Give most graffiti artists credit, they respect prior art and generally leave it unmarked. Good thing – this outstanding trafostation in Rostock needs no modification!

Flickr member Zarner01 captured this delightful work by an exceptionally talented artist in early 2016. As public art goes, things don’t get much finer.

I Have an Electric Dream

Rostock, Germany has an “M-L-King-Allee”… who knew? Even cooler, a painted transformer station situated on that roadway features an MLK folk-art theme.

It’s amazing how the artist enhances the faux painter and ladder on the wall by positioning them just above actual station supports. Flickr member Zarner01 captured the trafostation in March of 2012.

Hunka Hunka Berlin Love

It’s almost eerie how graffiti-free this artistically painted trafostation in suburban Berlin is, compared to the used clothing donation bins, small traffic control boxes, and even the wall of the neighboring building.

Flickr member Christophe (b_o_b3015) captured this demonstration of the power of painted public infrastructure in February of 2009.