Eye Powered: 12 Artistic German Transformer Stations

If artist Artefx needed some inspiration before painting the above trafostation in Potsdam, Germany, they only needed to ogle the nearby Volkswagen dealership. Flickr member Christophe (b_o_b3015) snapped the result – an homage to the legendary Type 2 Kombi “Microbus” – in February of 2009.

See Power

The trompe-l’œil artwork on the above painted trafostation is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Further exploring the theme of Rostock’s long-time love affair with the sea, this small transformer station packs a lot into every side of the box.

Hopefully the realistic scenes don’t turn too many heads – especially those of passing drivers. Flickr member Zarner01 captured this amazing painted trafostation in January of 2012.

Dark Energy

Flickr member Christophe (b_o_b3015) does get around, and lucky for us he takes his camera along on his travels. The photographer captured the above transformer station on Karl Marx Strasse, in the former East Berlin, on February 15th of 2009. Good to see these painted trafostations transforming, as it were, this ex-East Bloc capital from drab to delightful!

Photo Finish

We’ve seen painted public utility boxes before and sure, they’re cute & colorful and all that. Then there’s this – a paint job so fine it looks like a photograph transferred onto a vinyl wrap (can they even do that?). Flickr member bayernernst captured the bucolic decorated transformer station above, located in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, in July of 2013. Nice job, whomever the artist is, and… and more power to ya!