Canned Heat: 12 Folk Art Painted Residential Propane Tanks

What’s black and white and emits gas? This cow-ardly farm propane tank, of course! Flickr member gordon huggins (DIGITAL IDIOT) explains the calf-gallon creation above as “what we do for fun in Kansas”… just don’t try to tip one, especially while smoking.

Here’s another cow-themed propane tank… is this a thing? It would seem so. Farmer’s gonna farm and that’s no bull.

Mothra’s Day

Folk Art ranges from simplistic and childlike to jaw-droppingly masterful… and we’d have to slot the above Monarch Butterfly caterpillar propane tank into the latter category. Flickr member Candy & Kasey captured this jumbo rendition of the milkweed-eatin’ beastie in September of 2012.

Here’s another Monarch larva tank, complete with antennae… do caterpillars even have antennae? Gorgeous as this tank is, we’re not getting close enough to find out – those critters be hangry!

Bears Repeating

Rural farms and homesteads are often off the grid, requiring alternative fuel sources such as propane to power their amenities. While thwarting graffiti artists isn’t as much of an issue out back of the beyond, those smooth-sided and voluminous gas tanks offer plenty of opportunities for folk artists. The above Teddy Bear’s Picnic propane tank was snapped by Flickr member Scott & Patti (neighsayers) in March of 2009.

Zoo Tube

One would hope the anonymous artist responsible for this glorious painted propane tank went on to bigger and better things – and not necessarily larger propane storage tanks, either. Flickr member Mucha was a moose snapped this seriously snazzy “blacklight zoo party” propane tank near Ely, MN in July of 2010.