Archived Articles: June, 2008

10 Excellent Examples of Parkour in Film & Television

Practically since the inception of parkour in 1997, it has been used in cinema to aid in great storytelling - see videos of some great acrobatics.

10 of the World’s Best & Most Amazing 3D Street Artists

Artists like Kurt Wenner, Eduardo Relero and Tracy Lee Stum create street art that's so incredible you have to see it to belief it - and might not even then.

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Chapter 8 (Conclusion): The Future of Guerrilla Marketing

It happens to the best of them eventually. But then, what comes next, or will there be a further step beyond this finish line?

Shelve It! 15 More Creative & Unique Bookcases & Bookshelves

Everything from cozy chairs and strange figures to suspended hangers and adjustable modules.

Chapter 7: Is Guerrilla Marketing Right for You?

Even if you don't own a business or work for a nonprofit agency, you can use the principles popularized by J.C. Levinson to land a job...

Look Up! 15 (More) Amazing Tree Houses from Around the World

Tree houses aren't just for kids anymore. Here are 15 of the coolest tree houses in the world, from a 6,000 sq ft tree house to a suspended 'nest' tree house.

Adaptive Reuse: 7 Brilliant Building Conversion Projects

So many recycled projects out there, but few can boast they live in a boat, or a plane, or a church, for that matter - here are a few that do.

Leisurevilles: The Strangest Secession Since the Civil War

Imagine what America might look like if a sizable minority of its elders secede into their own communities. That's just what's happening behind the scenes.

Chapter 6: 10 Different Types & Kinds of Guerrilla Marketing

The details of what goes on in there are tightly guarded, but we've got a key and some great examples of how it all goes down and why.

Lost at Sea: 6 Of World History’s Most Intriguing Shipwrecks

Some shipwrecks are simple, such as many with modern technology to track a vessel as it slowly sinks into the sea, but history has a great deal left unanswered.

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