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6 Abandoned Railroads, Subways, Trains & Transit Stations

The age of the railroad may be over, but the marks of these powerful transport systems are evident everywhere you go - as well as abandoned train and subway ...

7 Abandoned Cities & Architectural Wonders of Modern Asia

From South Korea to North Korea, Cambodia to Thailand and Japan to Azerbaijan here are seven oriental and subcontinental abandoned cities and places.

Dreamy Driftwood Horse Sculptures of Heather Jansch

Most people walk right by driftwood on the beach. Heather Jansch picks it up and sees its potential. Her driftwood sculptures are full of life and character.

Amazing Photography: 7 Creative Art Photographers

The field of photography is constantly changing. These are a few of the standout photographers who are forging the way and creating new paths in photography.

20 Creative, Artistic and Geeky Cake Designs

This sweet selection of artistic confection showcases the many ways geeks can have their cake and eat it too - with or without an .exe file baked inside. These ...

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16 Abandoned Cars, Trucks, Buses, Tanks, Roads & Paths

We've all seen an abandoned car or truck, a deserted bus or road ... but stop to admire them? Abandoned vehicles are more than just an eyesore; they can be ...

20 Creative & Unique Recycled Furniture Designs & Ideas

Recycled furniture is by no means a simple category - it is a world of approaches, techniques and skills applied in all kinds of unique and creative ways.

Gallery: 24 Beautiful HDR Photos of Abandoned Places

Something about the vibrant colors, stark contrasts and vivid depths lends abandonments to pictures using HDR photography techniques like few other subjects.

Rotating Architecture: 16 Spinning Buildings & Structures

Architects have always aimed towards building bigger, wider and higher. Now technology has made a fourth design dimension possible: movement.

Out of Gas: 24 Eerie Abandoned Vehicles & Transit Structures

In some cases disaster strikes. In others, changing technologies render old designs obsolete, leaving majestic airplanes and giant steamers to rust and gather ...

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