Archived Articles: April, 2009

15 Creative Modern Coffee Tables & Coffee Table Designs

As a focus for family, friends, football and fun, the coffee table can't be beat... but it CAN be OFFbeat, as these 15 creative coffee table designs show so ...

Unique Retreats: 8 Offbeat One-of-a-Kind Houses & Homes

Custom homes come in all shapes and sizes, but few stand out so much as these unique examples of residential architecture. They are, however, anything but ...

Art of Design: 16 Amazing & Artistic Furniture Designs

These 15 incredibly creative furniture designs are as much fine art and entertainment as they are functional seating, tables, beds and storage.

Futuristic Flying: Brilliant Prototype & Concept Airplanes

These incredible concept aircraft may only lift our imaginations, but in that respect they succeed... brilliantly.

The History of Modern Street-Art and Graffiti Continued

A look at how modern graffiti and street-art has come to be, and how it contrasts its own predecessors.

Tracing the Historic Roots of Modern Street Art & Graffiti

A look back through centuries of history at how Graffiti has evolved since the first cave-paintings.

15 Cool High School, College & University Building Designs

If only more school buildings were as creatively designed as these 15, perhaps attendance rates would be higher.

Update: WebUrbanist Reaches over 100,000 RSS Readers

Thanks to your support we have just reached a major milestone in the growth of WebUrbanist. See more interesting stuff, fun facts and other projects:

Exposed: 15 Incredible Drawn & Modeled Vehicle Cutaways

Vehicle cutaways are a very special kind of art that lays bare a driving machine's inner workings for prying eyes to see... without all the messy prying with ...

20 Amazing Examples of Art Made from Obsolete Technology

Growing trend in the art world: turn old tech items that would be junked into masterpieces of art.

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