Archived Articles: May, 2010

Cryptic Codes: 11 Legendary Still-Uncracked Mystery Ciphers

Do the Beale Papers lead to buried treasure? What does the Zodiac Killer's coded message say? These 11 uncracked codes have befuddled experts for years.

Collage Kid: Amazing Anamorphosis Art of Bernard Pras

Bernard Pras is a master of Anamorphosis - the art of stacking objects on a photograph. Pras' work gives familiar images a new, somewhat disturbing dimension.

Camouflaged Human Canvas: Faux Body Art by Kim Joon

Seemingly perfect, paint-covered human bodies are intertwined and arrayed in ways that you suddenly realize are physically impossible - with good reason.

Ghost in the Machine: Uniquely Musical Cassette Tape Art

Subject and medium are perfectly paired in this series of portraits. Famous musicians are recreated in the unraveled tape formerly hidden in cassette cases.

Righteous Wrappings: 33 Incredible Packaging Designs

Judging a product by its package is how we shop, and designing packaging is hard work. These creative packaging concepts are all bold enough to grab attention.

Memorial Day Tribute: Tales From Creepy Abandoned Crypts

In a tribute to Memorial Day, with the help of urbex, urban exploration photos, we will virtually visit and pay respect to these 15 abandoned and creepy crypts.

37 Detailed Sand Sculptures that Make Your Castle Look Sad

With ladders, and teams of workers, sand sculptors travel to the most exotic beaches around the world creating towering art and hoping for fair weather.

(Un)Dead Languages: 10 Mysterious Undeciphered Scripts

For all the knowledge we hold about our past as a species on this planet, we still haven't been able to decipher these 10 nearly forgotten languages.

Icebound: 10 Amazing Historical Abandonments of Antarctica

These 10 amazing Antarctic abandonments, frozen in time as well as in place, bear mute testimony to mankind's perseverance in mastering Earth's true final ...

Insanely Intricate Cut & Carved Eggshell Art by Franc Grom

Artist Franc Grom spends months poking thousands and thousands of carefully controlled holes into a single eggshell, producing incredibly intricate works of ...

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