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From classic ideas of city construction to suburban sprawl and urban renewal, these articles cover everything from landscape and new urbanism to forms not yet fully defined - click through to see the cities of our past, present and future.

Juxtapositions: Luxury Skyscrapers in Seas of Blue Shanties

In some cities the slums run vertical while the rich build mansions on the precious ground, but in Mumbai, India, high-rise housing is considered premium real ...

Blob: Oblong White Mobile Home Looks Like a Dino Egg

Designed as an extension to a home, this mobile live/work pod eschews conventional mobile home aesthetics in favor of something decidedly more eccentric. ...

Pawn Scars: 10 Closed & Abandoned Pawn Shops

Pawn shops and pawnbrokers typically thrive in economic downturns so how tough must the times be when even pawn shops throw in the towel?

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Monument & Void: Massive Stone Museum of Mayan History

Commissioned for Guatemala City, this weighty megalithic structure is set to be the largest museum commemorating Mayan culture and history in Central America. ...

Spiral Architecture: 12 Swirling Building & Bridge Designs

Ubiquitous in nature and mathematics, spirals are beautiful to look at and provide a structure that’s strong and stable, so it’s no surprise that ...

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Windowless House of Glass: Solid Walls Hide Invisible Floors

In a surreal reversal of modern architectural convention, this Vertical Glass House trades a tradition of solid horizontals and clear verticals for an opaque ...

Out Of Services: 8 More Amazing Abandoned Churches

Abandon faith all ye who enter here... in the case of these 8 amazing abandoned churches, don't bother entering as faith, hope & charity left long ago.

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Altered Architecture: 12 More Abandoned Buildings as Art

Abandoned places are brightened up, made even creepier and more atmospheric, or otherwise transformed into massive works of art with installations that use ...

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Swim the Thames: Pair of Pools for London’s Polluted River

Inspired by planned Super Sewer that will reduce pollution in London’s central waterway by 96%, this audacious design aims to take advantage of a future ...

No Life Support: 10 Abandoned Ambulance & EMS Stations

Silence the sirens and be careful out there... these abandoned, closed and condemned ambulance & EMS stations no longer respond to medical emergencies.

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