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Guerrilla marketing has become all the rage these days but it is nothing new - it is simply a twist on delivering a message, communicating a concept and selling something in a way that engages an audience. The best part about good guerrilla advertisements and clever guerrilla marketing campaigns is that people know that there is a commercial interest but still approve of the installation or innovation - even despite its corporate nature.

Unbelievable Advert: Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Window

Taking over a single bus shelter on New Oxford Street, guerrilla advertisers threw everything they could think of at commuters, including (but not limited to) ...

The Power of Paint: Mini Spruce-Ups Act as Advertisements

Billboard-sized paint jobs on buildings that have seen better days give passersby a glimpse of how much fresher and brighter the structure could look with a ...

Open-Source Street Store Offers Free Clothes for Homeless

Donated boxes of right-sized clothing can be a boon for those who cannot afford another choice, but this clever approach empowers people in need to choose ...

Smear Campaign: Guerrilla Artist Remixes Adverts with Acid

Mutating works of public advertising with corrosive acid, this cunning urban interventionist hijacks posters from bus stops and subway stations, then adds his ...

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Real-Time Billboard: Sign Points at Actual Planes Flying By

The ability to track planes in mid-flight has produced many apps and websites for following jets through friendly skies, but this ad campaign applies this same ...

Hello Good Buy: Black Friday Outside The Box

Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, marks the unofficial start of the annual Christmas shopping season in a big, bad, bargain-hunting way!

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Crazy Cakes: 30-Foot Tentacle Leads to Edible Kraken

The thirty-foot tentacle that appeared to have washed up on the beach in Portmeirion, Wales was what drew the onlookers in, but it was the edible kraken that ...

Billboard Trailers Turned into Tiny Parasite Apartments

Advertising is so ubiquitous that billboards aren’t even restricted to fixed positions anymore; they’re often found moving from one spot to another ...

Useful Billboards? Advertisements Extend Into Urban Space

Most billboards simply show words and pictures, but this series of urban advertisements offers passers-by a helping hand with some of life's little moments.

Hidden Depths: Architectural Illusion Unfolds Underground

Facade or fantasm, this series of images presents an alluring picture of the history that lies beneath aged and famous buildings.

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