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Art on the wall is one thing, but installations engage us with texture, light, color and sound, surrounding us and begging for interaction. They challenge conventions of the art world as well as the context of art itself, as these uncanny and unique projects illustrate in vivid three-dimensional form.

Horror at the Met: Psycho House Replica on Museum Rooftop

Set against the New York City skyline, the house from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho has never looked more out of place, elevated high above the treetops on the ...

When Art Attacks! Giant Spherical Sculpture Escapes Museum

How do you stop a 15-foot-tall, 250-pound ball when it’s rolling down the street, running over cars and treating the city like a giant pinball machine? ...

Secret Rooms Installed in Deserted Sewers & Maintenance Shafts

A series of abandoned subterranean spaces in Milan have been transformed into tiny living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, complete with furniture ...

Ghosts of Architecture Past: 14 Fossils of Fallen Buildings

Like hazy memories or flickers of imagination, architectural structures either long since lost or never built in the first place interact with ...

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Potential Greenery: Topsoil & Time Shape ‘Empty Lot’ Artwork

A recently-completed, six-month art installation in the Tate Modern imported soil from parks all around London, arraying them in the museum’s Turbine ...

H2O Yeah! The Water Tank Project Makes NYC Cooler

Like rainwater flowing from rooftops to roads, The Water Tank Project seeks to artistically enhance New York City's gritty skyline from the top down.

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Using Bullet Holes in Beirut’s Brutalist ‘Egg’ as Camera Obscuras

An abandoned concrete building in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon (known as The Egg) has been everything from a movie theater to a bomb shelter to a water tank, ...

Modern Masters: 10 Installations by Artist & Activist Ai Weiwei

China has incarcerated him, put him on house arrest and made every attempt to shut artist and activist Ai Weiwei up, but they haven’t stopped him from ...

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14,000 Refugee Life Jackets Wrap Berlin Konzerthaus Entrance

In an effort to raise awareness about the growing refugee crisis, Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has wrapped six giant entry columns to a ...

Long Term Angle Parking: 12 Cool Cadillac Ranch Copies

The legendary Cadillac Ranch can't be beat but it CAN be copied! These 12 tinny tributes to Amarillo's angled auto art shift flattery into high gear.

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