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Fluffy Firearm Art: 12 Hilariously Non-Violent Weapons

The form factor of weapons is celebrated yet softened in these fun explorations of de-weaponified weapons.

Curiouser & Cursor: Handmade QR Codes Pop Up in NYC

Bridging the often-strange gap between analog and digital communication, the Curiosity Project brought a bit of whimsy to the streets of New York.

Totally Typography: 18 Textual Packaging Designs

Forget fancy graphics, illustrations and photos - these 18 packaging designs use the beauty of typography alone to stand out on the shelf.

Paint + Sound = Sculpture? [Wild Photos & Videos Included]

Paint and sound combine in an elegant way to create these perfectly impermanent sculptures of color, sound and space which are gone in the blink of an eye.

History’s Hooligans: 3 Bad Boys Driving Up Museum Visits

History has earned a bad reputation of being boring. These three bad boys of the past are here to show you just how hardcore history really is.

Viva Viagra! The ‘Little Blue Pill’ Turns Teenager

Happy Birthday, Viagra! Approved by the FDA on this day in 1998, the Little Blue Pill is now officially a teenager. Here's its sexy story in words and pictures.

Rad Rebranding: How 10 Famous Logos Have Changed Over Time

Most of the logos we know and love today have gone through a long list of changes, refinements and overhauls before becoming the images we all recognize.

Guerilla Marketing With A Hemi: Wild Campaigns With Cars

Guerilla marketing catches one by surprise, and instantly generates a ripple effect through the most coveted advertising holy grail: word of mouth.

Guerrilla to Genius: 300+ Creative Advertising Campaigns

More than 200 innovative and inspired ads that are guaranteed to get attention. These traditional and guerrilla advertisements are sure to be remembered.

13 Funny & Ridiculous Vintage Christmas Advertisements

Back in the 1950's, things were different: it was considered appropriate for Santa to hawk cigarettes and kids to pine for guns.

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