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Surprise! 20 Subversive Works of Urban Guerrilla Street Art

Whether using the streets as a blank canvas or masterminding 'interventions', these street artists help change the public perception of everyday urban life.

Art of Superimposition: 20 Marvelous Photographic Montages

Photographers use superimposition and montage to create images that blur the line between past and present, reality and fiction, authenticity and imitation.

Faux Photoshop: 15 Surreal Images Look Altered but Aren’t

Some images just seem too incredible to be real, but not every jaw-dropping photo you've seen on the internet is Photoshopped.

Art of Words: 15 Creative Typography Designs & Artworks

Typography is more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. These 15 examples illustrate the depth and variety of typographic artwork.

Art of Design: 16 Amazing & Artistic Furniture Designs

These 15 incredibly creative furniture designs are as much fine art and entertainment as they are functional seating, tables, beds and storage.

Futuristic Flying: Brilliant Prototype & Concept Airplanes

These incredible concept aircraft may only lift our imaginations, but in that respect they succeed... brilliantly.

Room Dividers: 15 Free-Standing Walls & Folding Screens

Room dividers can be works of art, too, as proven by these 15 innovative designs including modular plastic, cardboard and even walls of toilet paper.

Viral Self-Marketing: 15 Creative Business Card Designs

Not all business cards are boring pieces of paper. Some are awesomely creative, memorable and even intimidating.

Pics of Little Planets: 30 Polar Panoramic Photographs

Life on a little planet the size of your house and yard - what would it be like? These surrealistic photo-transformers expertly explore the possibilities of ...

12 Artistic Long-Exposure & Time-Lapse Photographers

Time-lapse and long-exposure photography capture a series of moments rather than a single split second, portraying action and movement.

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