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Swimmingly: 79 Unique & Awesome Underwater Sculptures

Here are 79 unique and awesome underwater sculptures, environmental art in an underwater sculpture park, to encourage the natural ecological process.

Surprise! 20 Subversive Works of Urban Guerrilla Street Art

Whether using the streets as a blank canvas or masterminding 'interventions', these street artists help change the public perception of everyday urban life.

Art of Superimposition: 20 Marvelous Photographic Montages

Photographers use superimposition and montage to create images that blur the line between past and present, reality and fiction, authenticity and imitation.

Faux Photoshop: 15 Surreal Images Look Altered but Aren’t

Some images just seem too incredible to be real, but not every jaw-dropping photo you've seen on the internet is Photoshopped.

Art of Words: 15 Creative Typography Designs & Artworks

Typography is more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. These 15 examples illustrate the depth and variety of typographic artwork.

Art of Design: 16 Amazing & Artistic Furniture Designs

These 15 incredibly creative furniture designs are as much fine art and entertainment as they are functional seating, tables, beds and storage.

Futuristic Flying: Brilliant Prototype & Concept Airplanes

These incredible concept aircraft may only lift our imaginations, but in that respect they succeed... brilliantly.

Room Dividers: 15 Free-Standing Walls & Folding Screens

Room dividers can be works of art, too, as proven by these 15 innovative designs including modular plastic, cardboard and even walls of toilet paper.

Viral Self-Marketing: 15 Creative Business Card Designs

Not all business cards are boring pieces of paper. Some are awesomely creative, memorable and even intimidating.

Pics of Little Planets: 30 Polar Panoramic Photographs

Life on a little planet the size of your house and yard - what would it be like? These surrealistic photo-transformers expertly explore the possibilities of ...

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