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Camera-Shaped Cafe Offers Picture-Perfect Cups of Coffee

A giant two-story camera rises from the grass beside an ordinary suburban home in the hills of South Korea. The Dreamy Camera Cafe is housed in a re-creation ...

Live Crabs, Gold Bars & iPods: 18 Weird Vending Machines

Forget crackers and candy bars – you could be buying live lobsters, bike parts, whole heads of lettuce and even freshly baked baguettes with the push of ...

Bizarre Burial Boxes: 20 of the World’s Weirdest Coffins

Our modern culture has made the physical process of burial little more than an afterthought, leaving us to numbly choose from a small assortment of wooden ...

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Tall Temple: Bizarre Rooftop Palace on Chinese Skyscraper

The man who built his very own luxury mountain palace atop a condo tower in China – illegally – is hardly alone in his endeavors. A Chinese ...

Dental Nightmare: 17 Truly Terrifying Tooth-Related Objects

As if going to the dentist wasn’t scary enough already, you can now augment your odontophobia with a series of nightmare-inducing dental training ...

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Secret Museum Hidden in an Abandoned Freight Elevator

Unlike all of New York City’s flashy and well-known museums, this particular exhibition space is grungy, quirky and easy to miss. Located in an abandoned ...

Bizarre Inventions: 15 Idiotic Ideas from the Past

For every invention that actually makes it to production, there are dozens of failed ideas, most of which failed for very good reasons. Like the fact that ...

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Chindogu: 14 Hilarious and Strange Japanese Inventions

Chindogu is the Japanese art of creating essentially useless inventions that could be used to solve basic everyday problems, but do so in a ridiculous way.

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Treehouse Taster: 3 Wildly Different Types of Tree Houses

Some strange treehouses have slipped through the cracks, their stories and histories unknown, yet the images of them are too amazing to go un-shown.

Algaculture: Symbiosis Suit Produces Food from Breath

The Agaculture Symbiosis Suit proposes a mutually beneficial relationship between the human wearing the suit, and the algae-turned-food in the tubes.

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