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Block Out Bad Smells with Decorative Air Purifying Collar

Noxious odors are an inevitable part of life in the city, from rotting trash and cigarette smoke to the sweaty guy sitting next to you on the subway eating ...

Alternative Landmarks: 12 Monuments As They Almost Were

Major landmarks around the world, from the Sydney Opera House to the Lincoln Memorial, could have been dramatically different if these proposals were accepted.

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Wearable Tech: Mask Gives Users Superhuman Senses

A set of futuristic-looking masks that fit over the mouth and ears or the eyes enhance audio and visual perception, giving the wearers superhuman senses.

In The Fold: 10 Futuristic Folding + Flexible Computer Ideas

The shapes of computers have changed drastically in the past decade, but the evolution isn't done yet - keep an eye out for these radical folding designs.

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Visionary Videos: 7 Awe-Inspiring TED Talks on Architecture

From timeless architectural insights to new building technologies, watch these videos and you will never see built environments in the same way again.

Stealth Wear: Counter-Surveillance Fashion Protects Privacy

Want to elude surveillance? Wear a metallic hoodie, slip your phone into a signal-blocking sleeve, paint your face and give yourself a weird punk haircut.

Printing Prospects: 10 Hi-Tech Printer Prototypes & Concepts

Printers are no longer just the bulky machines that sit on our desks. Current and future printers can create our homes, our toys and even our new body parts.

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More Real Than Reality: 7 Artsy Augmented Reality Projects

Technology is taking over nearly every part of our lives, not that we're complaining. These augmented reality projects add another layer to the everyday world.

Power Trip: 13 Creative Cord & Outlet Concepts

Retractable extension cords that work like tape measures, circular wall outlets and modular power strips are among these 13 electrifying innovations.

Illuminating Inventions: 10 Twists to Simple Street Lights

Functional street lights tend to fade into the background for most of us, but these designers have creatively re-imagined the humble piece of urban furniture.

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