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More Real Than Reality: 7 Artsy Augmented Reality Projects

Technology is taking over nearly every part of our lives, not that we're complaining. These augmented reality projects add another layer to the everyday world.

Power Trip: 13 Creative Cord & Outlet Concepts

Retractable extension cords that work like tape measures, circular wall outlets and modular power strips are among these 13 electrifying innovations.

Illuminating Inventions: 10 Twists to Simple Street Lights

Functional street lights tend to fade into the background for most of us, but these designers have creatively re-imagined the humble piece of urban furniture.

Brown to Green: Ashtray Doubles as an Urban Planner

Smoking will never be a healthy habit, but this ashtray concept can help something positive come from the ashes that smokers leave behind.

Tap That: 10 Terrifically Techy Keyboard Concepts

Tap tap tap! These keyboard concepts go beyond QWERTY to provide new levels of freedom and fun while typing.

Happy Trailers: 11 Cool Campers & Mobile Home Concepts

There is nothing like hitting the open road. But don't pay for a hotel when you get there - take a trip in one of these amazing modern mobile homes instead.

Grey Gold: Shower + Clothes Washer = Wise Water Recycling

This clever conceptual contraption pairs a shower with a washing machine to perform two essential household tasks with just one volume of water.

Post-It Iterations Take Classic Notes to New Levels

The beloved Post-It Note has been a staple of office supplies for many years. These 16 new takes on the adhesive note are all designed to stick in your memory.

Damn Dirty Dishes: 13 Cutting-Edge Dishwasher Designs

These dishwasher concepts all start from the same point - a machine that washes dishes for you - and go in some unexpected and interesting directions.

Wear It’s At: 7 Futuristic Developments in Fashion + Clothes

As technology creeps into every facet of our lives, it is no surprise that even our clothes are becoming more high-tech by the year.

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