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Power Trip: 13 Creative Cord & Outlet Concepts

Retractable extension cords that work like tape measures, circular wall outlets and modular power strips are among these 13 electrifying innovations.

Illuminating Inventions: 10 Twists to Simple Street Lights

Functional street lights tend to fade into the background for most of us, but these designers have creatively re-imagined the humble piece of urban furniture.

Brown to Green: Ashtray Doubles as an Urban Planner

Smoking will never be a healthy habit, but this ashtray concept can help something positive come from the ashes that smokers leave behind.

Tap That: 10 Terrifically Techy Keyboard Concepts

Tap tap tap! These keyboard concepts go beyond QWERTY to provide new levels of freedom and fun while typing.

Happy Trailers: 11 Cool Campers & Mobile Home Concepts

There is nothing like hitting the open road. But don't pay for a hotel when you get there - take a trip in one of these amazing modern mobile homes instead.

Grey Gold: Shower + Clothes Washer = Wise Water Recycling

This clever conceptual contraption pairs a shower with a washing machine to perform two essential household tasks with just one volume of water.

Post-It Iterations Take Classic Notes to New Levels

The beloved Post-It Note has been a staple of office supplies for many years. These 16 new takes on the adhesive note are all designed to stick in your memory.

Damn Dirty Dishes: 13 Cutting-Edge Dishwasher Designs

These dishwasher concepts all start from the same point - a machine that washes dishes for you - and go in some unexpected and interesting directions.

Wear It’s At: 7 Futuristic Developments in Fashion + Clothes

As technology creeps into every facet of our lives, it is no surprise that even our clothes are becoming more high-tech by the year.

Retro-Future NYC: What New York Could Have Become

What would New York have looked like, if the futuristic visions of innovative thinkers in the late-19th to mid-20th century had become reality?

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