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Fictional Libraries: Images Make Information Inaccessible

All of the books in the world still exist, yet are just out of reach, locked up in an impenetrable fortress or stacked so high we can’t hope to reach them, ...

Almost There: Signs from the Near Future May Blow Your Mind

A few are far-fetched, but most of these notices are shocking in part because they are nearly believable – some may be an accepted reality within the ...

Wearable Tech of the (Distant) Future: 13 Sci-Fi Suits

We’re probably a century or two away from working mechanized exoskeletons modeled on the movements of crickets, but the great thing about digital concept ...

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Thinker Thing: 3D-Printed Object Made Using Brain Waves

A headset that detects brain patterns analyzes responses to visual stimuli and sends them to a 3D printer to create sculptural objects.

Future Perfect: 7 Potential Wonders of the World

Space settlements, teleportation, smart phones embedded into our bodies, and robots as smart as humans could be among the tech innovations of the 22nd century.

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Wearable Tech: Mask Gives Users Superhuman Senses

A set of futuristic-looking masks that fit over the mouth and ears or the eyes enhance audio and visual perception, giving the wearers superhuman senses.

Future Present: 7 Soon-to-Be Wonders of Technology

Chatting with holograms, controlling computers with our minds and harvesting energy from power lines are among the innovations predicted for the next five ...

Creepy Portraits Made Using DNA from Gum & Smokes

DNA samples collected from discarded cigarette butts and chewed gum are processed into life-sized, three-dimensional masks of the people who left them behind.

In The Fold: 10 Futuristic Folding + Flexible Computer Ideas

The shapes of computers have changed drastically in the past decade, but the evolution isn't done yet - keep an eye out for these radical folding designs.

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Mobile 3D-Printed House Factory in a Shipping Container

Dutch architects DUS plan to build the first 3D-printed house alongside a canal in Amsterdam using a mobile 3D printer in a shipping container.

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