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Cellograff: Wall-Free Graffiti Sprayed on Clear Cellophane

Tagging is typically considered an urban art. At the very least you need walls to write on, right? Not necessarily - there are translucent alternatives, too.

Ground, Up! Curved Green Sky Gardens Wrap Tower Hotel

The best of both worlds: guests at this hotel get to enjoy skyscraper-high views and still experience layers of intensive greenery on virtually all levels.

Algae-Fueled Building: World’s First Bio-Adaptive Facade

Bio-reactors and micro-algae sound like the stuff of science fiction, but this is the real deal: biomass built into panel glass on an actual working structure.

Intelligent Interstates: 5 High-Tech ‘Smart Highway’ Systems

Color-changing and glow-in-the-dark paint, mini windmill-powered lights, a lane that charges your car for you magnetically while you drive and more.

Urban Green: 8 Ingenious Small-Space Window Garden Ideas

There are box and kit solutions, sure, but these creative alternatives preserve your views and limited sill space while providing green growth and unique ...

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Go Big or Home: Living Small in 11 Tiny Houses with Style

Tiny houses are growing in popularity because of increasing environmental consciousness and a desire to reject unnecessary material goods.

Single-Step Slippers Made of One Shoelace & Strip of Felt

When you strip it down, what more does a foot enclosure really need aside from a single stretch of material and thread to tie it all together.

Towers of Trash: 5000-Foot Junk Skyscrapers to Fuel Cities

Instead of burying our legacy under the Earth's surface, these structures showcase the impact of the millions of tons of trash major cities produce on an ...

Painting Reality: Surprised Motorists Make Sudden Street Art

Ingredients: 500 liters of brightly-colored, eco-friendly, wash-away water-based paint, one elevated location with video camera and 2000 cars of unwitting ...

Liquid Street Art: Tricycle Deploys Calligraphic Water Poetry

Nicholas Hanna is a Canadian artist who has poured new life into a traditional art form, turning a tricycle into a means of rapidly deploying Chinese lettering ...

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