No Child Left: 10 Eerie Abandoned Daycare Centers

Centre Of The UK

abandoned Fen Lane daycare centre Lincolnshire UK(images via: combophotos)

The Fen Lane Day Centre (or “Center” in American) served the wee lads and lassies of Lincolnshire well for roughly a half-century. According to Flickr user combophotos, however, the Centre’s best days were well behind it by February of 2010 when the above images were taken. Since the phrase “due for demolition shortly” means it’s unlikely the abandoned Fen Lane Day Centre is still extant, we encourage readers to raise a pint of warm ale in combophotos’ honor for documenting the place (including a VERY creepy outbuilding aka “time-out shed”) for posterity.

Long Gone In Long Beach

abandoned daycare center Long Beach(image via: Melia Estkling)

Flickr user johnwilliamsphd brings us this delightful yet disturbing image of an abandoned daycare center in Long Beach, California. We ain’t lion, smiling animals and sea-washed sunlight do not a cheery daycare center make.

Kidz Inaction

condemned Kidz in Action childcare center St. Louis(images via:, Christian Gooden)

In June of 2014, the Kidz in Action childcare center in St. Louis, Missouri was condemned and closed after racking up over 100 pages of health and safety violations over a two year period. Among the center’s more notable failures: a basement water heater cleverly converted from gas to run on electric power via an extension cord running from a light fixture to what appears to be a stovetop range element. Whew! Kidz in Action? More like Kidz in Traction!