Archived Articles: July, 2007

Subvertising: 5 Clever Ways to Subvert Your Surroundings

Subvertisements are an excellent means of turning the commercial world around you upside down, make humorous or critical commentaries on consumer society.

Tallest Skyscraper in the World & Highest Virtual Building

The creation of the tallest building in the world has become such a status symbol, cities and countries have stopped revealing the planned height of their ...

Games & More: 7 Best Fun Ways to Waste Time Online

Some are useful, some are silly, but it's the weekend: sit back and relax and enjoy a strange little interactive online experience alone or with friends.

Banksy Paradox: 7 Sides of the Most Infamous Street Artist

The following seven examples illustrate the fascinating range of Banksy's life and works through his most controversial and compelling projects, stories and ...

Tripping You Up: 8 Funniest Scenes to Stumble Upon

If you aren't already using StumbleUpon to find cool websites about all sorts of stuff, you may not get these jokes - but maybe you should join!

LED Throwies: Subversive Street Art Adds Urban Color

Watch some people create 'LED Throwies' out of simple lithium batteries and paint the town with multicolored lights to a mellow tune.

Tunnel House: (Sub)Urban Street Art Implosion Project

If you had a house that was going to be demolished, scrapped and completely replaced with something else - what would you do with it?

Clean Streets: Guerilla Marketing Meets Reverse Graffiti

This group has managed to turn a street art hobby into a guerilla marketing campaign strategy.

If You Believe, They Put Google Maps on the Moon. Mars?

Google has conquered Earth and apparently looking for new frontiers - too bad they haven't develop Google Moon very much since releasing it.

Street Art Statement: Urban Art Message for the Iraq War

Agree with the war or disagree, this is a powerful image that brings the impacts home to your very own street corner.

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