Archived Articles: January, 2008

Extreme Mobile Living: Garbage Trucks to Luxury Campers

There's nothing like the freedom to move and live where we want. Perhaps the greatest expression of postmodern mobility is when transportation devices are ...

(Not) Only in Russia: 7 Deserted Wonders of the Former USSR

There are amazing abandonments in America but the former Soviet Union has some of the most interesting, unique and strange abandoned buildings.

Stick ‘Em Up! 16 Post-It Note Pranks, Sculptures & Murals

Never underestimate the power of simple office supplies. In this latest in our series of art from everyday objects, we tackle the ubiquitous post it not.

16 of the Most Creative & Weird Hotel Rooms in the World

Even though some may look uncomfortable, unusual or downright freakish at least they aren't among the 7 tiniest hotel rooms in the world.

Philadelphia City Hall: Tallest Masonry Building in the World

Did you know that brick or stone-clad buildings you see today almost invariably hide a steel support structure that does the actual work?

Shop, Drop & Art: 7 Surrealist Urban Shopdropping Projects

If the comments on this article are any indicator, Shopdropping is controversial to say the least.

Flat Pack: 20 Creative Furniture Designs for Cramped Living

Without further ado, here are 20 more examples of incredibly compact and transforming furniture for cramped urban living.

7 Geeky Graffiti Art Projects: Physical Hyperlinking & More

The following examples span the spectrum but share elements only a geek can fully appreciate.

7 Abandoned Wonders of America: Mills to Military Islands

Imagine entire islands and vast building complexes eerily abandoned virtually in your own back yard. This seemingly far-fetched scenario might be more real ...

Brad Downey Projects: 7 Surreal Street Art Installations

Downey is a New York street artist with a twist: his bizarre contributions to the urban art of public spaces could, if only for a moment, be confused with ...

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