Archived Articles: November, 2010

Old Medicine Shows: Outrageous Cure Alls to Give You Chills

Sleazy snake oil peddlers once traveled the world selling tonics that made fantastic claims. Some of these products are a bit... unsettling.

Dazzling Digital Ads: 12 Interactive Storefront Displays

It's practically impossible to ignore interactive storefront ads that literally jump out at you, react to your movements and follow you down the street.

Lovin’ Cups: The Top 10 Sports Championship Trophies

These 10 sports championship trophies capture the thrill of victory, embodying the essence of winning as time goes by and the Big Game fades into history.

News Made Meaningless: Meticulous Art by Kim Rugg

Working seven days a week, artist Kim Rugg spends five months cutting the letters out of the front page of a newspaper and rearranging them alphabetically.

Haute Hospitality: 20 (More) Awesomely Artsy Hotel Rooms

These 20 hotel rooms at 6 art hotels around the world are anything but ordinary, from a bloody hospital suite in South Africa to a giant typewriter in ...

Under the City’s Skin: Street Art Peels Back Urban Layers

There are layers to the world around us. What does an urban landscape obscure? This artist shows us what lies beneath some of the common sights on city streets.

Subterranean Secrets: 10 Tunnels for Smuggling & War

Secret tunnels exist all over the world, used for all kinds of purposes - but these 10 in particular played pivotal roles in smuggling operations and war.

Time For A Change: 12 Cool & Creative Calendar Designs

If your days are going by in a blur, it's time for a change. Give the monthly countdown a little extra character with these 12 cool, creative calendar designs.

Dutch Duo Turns Rio Slum into Rainbow of Painted Color

Two Dutch artists turn a depressing Rio slum into a giant canvas splashed with cheerful shades of pink, green, blue and yellow.

Fictions: Architectural Assemblage by Filip Dujardin

Filip Dujardin creates his own fantasy architecture out of gritty urban images he takes of buildings near his home in Ghent, Belgium.

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