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Daring Design: 14 (More!) Sexy Store & Shop Interiors

Garden-variety retail displays will never do for brands like Derek Lam, Issey Miyake and even - that's right - Barbie, all of which have stunning store designs.

Poop Culture: 11 Examples of Excellent Excrement Art

So you think all art is crap, do you? These 10 poop art masterpieces are guaranteed to get everyone – not just art snobs – turning up their noses.

Pop-Up Pulp: Book Covers Made Into Dramatic 3D Scenes

Pulp fiction cover art is fabulous enough in its own right, but Thomas Allen takes it to new heights with his weird but hilarious pop-up cover art.

Extreme X-Ray Tech: Revealing Beauty in Everyday Objects

Artist Nick Veasey uses powerful x-ray machines to reveal what lies under the surface of objects like teddy bears, light bulbs, even entire office buildings.

Architecture of WikiLeaks: Stockholm Cold War Bunker

Looking like the hidden lair of a James Bond villain, the Banhof data center housing two WikiLeaks servers is cutting-edge and inspired by science fiction.

Whatever Floats Your… House: 16 Amazing House Boats

With as many comforts as a modern home, house boat design has become something beautiful and breathtaking. It makes one wish their house could float.

Getting a Leg Up: 6 Amazing Prosthetics Changing the Game

Prosthetic technology has come a very long way. These incredible designs are at the cutting edge of the field and are changing the lives of amputees.

35 Unique Lamps That Will Light Up Your Imagination

We're beyond the year 2000, and it's time to ditch your ancient lamp with its boring beige shade and antiquated knobs.

Painting the Town: 13 Unbelievable Urban Mural Projects

From Philadelphia's stunning series of murals by Meg Saligman to JR's photos pasted onto slums in Brazil, these 13 urban mural projects bring color to the city.

Cans Do! 35 Super Creative Sculptural Supermarket Displays

Supermarket shelf stockers have few opportunities to express their creativity but when they do, look out... and when curious shoppers get too close, LOOK OUT!

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