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Curious Caricatures: Vibrant Artwork Inspired by Cartoons

While the value of the art from comic book is often contested, artwork INSPIRED BY comic books and cartoons is art. And there's no debating that.

9 Famous Painters & the Revealing Art of Self-Portraits

Artists may use self-portraits to advertise their skills, practice their craft, explore some inner turmoil or stake a place in history.

Art of Messiness: Intentionally Sloppy Drawings & Collages

While the simple beauty of a clean line is certainly something to be cherished, so are the messy splotches of these dirty artists.

Skooly DK: Conception Graphique de France Artwork

The origin story of Julien's "Skooly DK" moniker is an apt metaphor for his art--vintage, strange, hard to describe and, at the end of the day, simply awesome.

The Incredible Childhood-Inspired Artwork of Adan Banuelos

Adan Banuelos is a Tucson-based artist and designer working in multiple mediums, from drawing to sculpting to screen-printing and everything in between.

KAWS: Dark, Disturbing & Delightful Cartoonish Characters

Where do fashion, art, graffiti and cool all intersect? In the mind of a dark, disturbing and delightful urban artist, KAWS.

13 (More!) Extremely Effective Guerrilla Marketing Stunts

Continuing a perusal of hugely effective guerrilla marketing stunts

Nailed It: 12 Extremely Effective Guerrilla Marketing Stunts

A look at 12 great guerrilla marketing successes

The History of Modern Street-Art and Graffiti Continued

A look at how modern graffiti and street-art has come to be, and how it contrasts its own predecessors.

Tracing the Historic Roots of Modern Street Art & Graffiti

A look back through centuries of history at how Graffiti has evolved since the first cave-paintings.

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