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Art on the wall is one thing, but installations engage us with texture, light, color and sound, surrounding us and begging for interaction. They challenge conventions of the art world as well as the context of art itself, as these uncanny and unique projects illustrate in vivid three-dimensional form.

Dream Rooms: 14 Unreal-Feeling Art Gallery Transformations

You might have to pinch yourself to ensure that you’re still awake as you walk into surreal dreamscapes of billowing clouds, seemingly endless fields of ...

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Pixel Performers: Digital Projection Mapping on Live Dancers

Combining choreographed movement and projected abstractions, these works of performed art are visually stunning, creating effects and illusions far beyond the ...

Your Neighbor Darth Vader: Doorbells for Fictional Characters

Only particularly perceptive passersby would even notice that they’re standing outside the residences of Marty McFly, Luke Skywalker and the Teenage ...

Prism Break: China’s Eye-Soothing Rainbow Road Tunnel

A 1,000-foot long rainbow underpass in Zhengzhou, China is designed to help drivers' eyes adjust from daylight to a artificial lighting and back again.

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Cool as Ice: 10 Years of Artist-Made Shanties on Frozen Lakes

Over the past decade, over 1,000 artists and 60,000 visitors have taken part in this incredible seasonal arts event, coming together to create an annual ...

Celestial Cityscapes: Photographing Dubai from Above the Fog

Home to the tallest building in the world, Dubai is a city rich in skyscrapers that seem almost otherworldly when seen piercing through seasonal layers of ...

Wearable Cities: 15 Urban-Patterned Outfits & Accessories

Wear your love for your city on your sleeve – and your t-shirt, tote bag, necklace, cuff bracelet and bandanna. Aerial maps, transit maps, city skylines, ...

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Dreamscapes: Handmade Fantasy Environments by JeeYoung Lee

One tiny 3-by-6-meter space has had dozens of different dreamlike incarnations as hand-crafted fantasy settings by Korean artist JeeYoung Lee. At times, it ...

That’s No Moon: Artists Launch Huge Human Head Balloon

A bizarre art installation based on a dream saw a 50-ft tall balloon become a bizarre “Man In The Moon” as it rose above the streets of Utsunomiya, Japan.

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Beware of Colour: Activists Highlight Decay with Pink Paint

Splashed with bright buckets of paint from roofs and windows, the colorfully defaced buildings of downtown Johannesburg have evoked different reactions from ...

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