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Alternative Matryoshka (Nesting) Dolls Embrace Modernity

Nesting dolls can be made decorated in any way the artist or designer chooses and kits are available to allow anyone to make custom Matryoshka dolls.

Matryoshka (Nesting) Dolls: Hidden Russian Treasures

Matryoshka, or Russian nesting dolls, were born in 1890 near Moscow and are now popular with artists and collectors around the world.

Don’t Go Viral: 20 (More) Creative & Bizarre Safe Sex Ads

In today's sex-saturated society, advertisements promoting condoms, HIV awareness and safe sex have become mainstream.

Art of Words: 15 Creative Typography Designs & Artworks

Typography is more than just words thrown in with graphic elements. These 15 examples illustrate the depth and variety of typographic artwork.

Safety First: 18 Creative, Bizarre & Viral Safe Sex Ads

Sex saturation in the media introduced the need for public service announcements about safe sex and created a market for condom ads. It's sexy to be safe.

Nailed It: 12 Extremely Effective Guerrilla Marketing Stunts

A look at 12 great guerrilla marketing successes

18 Creative & Controversial Video Game Billboards & Signs

Gaming billboard ads splash news about upcoming game releases, and strive to use creative tactics to hook the attention of casual gamers and the obsessed alike.

Unique Retreats: 8 Offbeat One-of-a-Kind Houses & Homes

Custom homes come in all shapes and sizes, but few stand out so much as these unique examples of residential architecture. They are, however, anything but ...

Tracing the Historic Roots of Modern Street Art & Graffiti

A look back through centuries of history at how Graffiti has evolved since the first cave-paintings.

Glassy Masterpieces: Where Art & Glass Creatively Intersect

Technically a liquid, glass can make a unique artistic medium. From vintage to modern, glass art is always classy.

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